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We are extremely pleased to continue our relationship with Amplify Process Safety who give us, and other industry professionals, a platform to communicate to a wider audience.

Podcasts are designed to build ongoing relationships with your community and offer the following benefits:

  • Podcasts make information personal.
  • Podcasts are convenient.
  • Podcasts are cost effective.
  • Podcasts are time efficient.
  • Podcasts are portable.

We believe all these attributes apply to our cards which offer the advantages of Gamification (driving human engagement) with the convenience & power of Microlearning (reducing cognitive overload).

Our podcast is available below or via this link

Episode 56 – Implementing EPA's General Duty Clause (GDC) Amplify Your Process Safety

In a previous episode (#52), Mat Todaro, an attorney who specializes in enforcement defense, talked with us about EPA's General Duty Clause (GDC) at a high level. In this companion episode, Molly and Rob dive into the specific requirements of EPA's GDC, and point out its similarities and differences to OSHA's Process Safety Management (PSM) regulation and EPA's Risk Management Plan (RMP) regulation.  Be sure to check out the resources we've gathered below regarding EPA's GDC, or reach out to us with any questions you might have related to your facility and EPA's GDC by sending us an email at  Episode 52 – EPA's General Duty Clause with Guest Mathew Todaro The General Duty Clause Fact Sheet (pdf) (April 2020) Guidance for Implementation of the General Duty Clause: Clean Air Act Section 112(r)(1), May 2000 (pdf) — Send in a voice message:
  1. Episode 56 – Implementing EPA's General Duty Clause (GDC)
  2. Episode 55 – Movie Breakdown: Control Room Concerns in The China Syndrome
  3. Episode 54 – Pressure Relief Device Concepts with Guest Eric Hirsch
  4. Episode 53 – How Boots on the Ground Expertise Can Lead to PSM Success
  5. Top 10 Talk: Amplify Your Compliance Audits, Recording of live event (3/22/2022)

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