Bowtie Blockbusters

Although cards are designed to increase Awareness and the associated BOWTIES are designed to improve Understanding, not all users/players are familiar with the principles and components of bowties and barrier management – so, we’ve created an interactive game, based on the familiar Blockbusters format.

Up to 4 remote individuals or teams take it in turns to draw a random card from the pack, and then use it to create a chain of events from Threats (Causes) to Consequences (Effects) across the board/table.

Via Prevention & Mitigation Barriers before & after (respectively) the Top Event where/when control of the Hazard is lost:

In order for the card to be used, the player must give an example of the Threat, Barrier or Consequence card they have drawn. If the player can’t give an example (which must be unique) or the card has already been used on the Threat or Consequence line, then they must put the card on the unused pile. It is prudent to have an independent Facilitator (Umpire) to determine the suitability of the example proposed for each card.

Play continues alternately until one player/team has created a chain. Unused cards can be returned to the deck once all cards have been drawn.

For a more advanced game, Degradation Factor cards (which reduce the effectiveness of barriers) can be used to break the opponents chain. These typically represent vulnerabilities in People, Process (or Procedures) and Plant (or Equipment):

These can be removed if a Degradation Control card (which sustains barrier presence and performance) is drawn. These typically represent your Management Systems:

This Process Safety (Loss of Containment) example uses the familiar barrier types from the CCPS bowtie book and is built on a commercial game design platform:

If you’d like to try this out, please click here to visit our demo table.

Alternatively, interactive whiteboard software can also be used, and the tables & cards can be customised (branded) to match your requirements.

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