Coolbox Talks

The Toolbox Talk (or Tailgate Talk) is a well-known and commonly used activity to inform and engage workers (Employees & Contractors) to keep them alert to work-related hazards. They typically have the following attributes to refresh knowledge & exchange information between veterans & novices: The best talks encourage participation, have group discussions and allow attendeesContinue reading “Coolbox Talks”

Magnetic Attraction

To help embed and retain your key asset & activity integrity values, we’ve developed card size magnets that can be attached to a variety of metal surfaces. Magnets provide the same opportunity to Visualize Knowledge and Operationalize Wisdom as our cards, however these weather-resistant designs offer both fixed and portable ways to inform and remindContinue reading “Magnetic Attraction”

To Err Is Human

For our 1st post, we are extremely honoured to have been granted permission by the family of the late, great Trevor Kletz to publish extracts from his Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) book “An Engineer’s View of Human Error”. This is a perfect example of how our familiar, accessible & adaptable cards VISUALIZE KNOWLEDGE &Continue reading “To Err Is Human”