We have now completed our 1st deck of Incidents Cards based on 52 famous (and less well known) Process Safety (Loss of Primary Containment) events researched, evaluated & summarised by Peter Marsh of XBP Refining. These have been peer reviewed by members of the IChemE Safety & Loss Prevention Special Interest Group. Their work isContinue reading “Incidentally”

Lessons Remembered

The recent tragedy at Aqaba Port is a constant reminder that we need to be vigilant to the potential Loss of Containment events that may have long lasting effects on or in the community. Life continues to move on for all of us, however those directly and indirectly affected by this incident will never forget.Continue reading “Lessons Remembered”

Incident Infographics

Today marks another anniversary of the BP Texas City Refinery explosion of March 23rd 2005. There is no doubt that Incident Investigation reports provide valuable insight into the immediate and root causes of major accidents like this, however can you really digest & communicate all the key messages and apply the lessons which have beenContinue reading “Incident Infographics”