2022 Mary Kay O’Connor Safety & Risk Conference

We will be presenting “Process Safety Cards – Visualizing Knowledge & Operationalizing Wisdom” at the forthcoming Mary Kay O’Connor Safety & Risk Conference in College Station, TX . This event, in association with the IChemE and C-RISE, has the tag line “Health to Human is Safety to System: Making Safety Second Nature” and we aimContinue reading 2022 Mary Kay O’Connor Safety & Risk Conference


Simple Layer of Protection Exercise The CCPS book “Layer of Protection Analysis: Simplified Process Risk Assessment” has been the definitive reference for performing Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) since it was published in 2001. LOPA is a simplified form of risk assessment which typically uses order of magnitude categories for Initiating Event Frequency (IEF), ConsequenceContinue reading “SLOPE”

Lessons Remembered

The recent tragedy at Aqaba Port is a constant reminder that we need to be vigilant to the potential Loss of Containment events that may have long lasting effects on or in the community. Life continues to move on for all of us, however those directly and indirectly affected by this incident will never forget.Continue reading “Lessons Remembered”

Magnetic Attraction

To help embed and retain your key asset & activity integrity values, we’ve developed card size magnets that can be attached to a variety of metal surfaces. Magnets provide the same opportunity to Visualize Knowledge and Operationalize Wisdom as our cards, however these weather-resistant designs offer both fixed and portable ways to inform and remindContinue reading “Magnetic Attraction”

Hazards 32

We’ve signed a sponsorship agreement with the IChemE to provide our Process Safety Cards at the forthcoming Hazards 32 Process Safety Conference This will take place in the historic & beautiful spa town of Harrogate from 18-20 Oct 2022 and marks the return of this international event to a face-to-face format. Each attendee will receiveContinue reading “Hazards 32”

Incident Infographics

Today marks another anniversary of the BP Texas City Refinery explosion of March 23rd 2005. There is no doubt that Incident Investigation reports provide valuable insight into the immediate and root causes of major accidents like this, however can you really digest & communicate all the key messages and apply the lessons which have beenContinue reading “Incident Infographics”

CHASE – Cyber Challenges & Controls

Hybrid warfare is now (sadly) a reality, and the threat of digital attacks has placed national & local infrastructure assets on heightened alert, however there is a wealth of information available to help evaluate your cyber security vulnerabilities & measures. The UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) operational guidance (OG-0086) includes two clear statements associatedContinue reading “CHASE – Cyber Challenges & Controls”

VESTA – Ignition Insights

THE UK Health & Safety Laboratory conducted research [HSL0609] into ‘Unidentified Ignition Sources of Unplanned Flammable Releases‘ and found that ” … following investigations into major accidents that had a release and an ignition, about 60% of those incidents did not have an ignition source identified by the investigation” – so if you don’t knowContinue reading “VESTA – Ignition Insights”

Here Be Dragons

In the Medieval Period or Middle Ages, only about 5% of the population could read or write and therefore iconography was the foundation of mass communication. The phrase “Here be Dragons” (HC SVNT DRACONES) was used next to images of dragons or other mythical beasts on maps to indicate dangerous or unexplored territories i.e. toContinue reading “Here Be Dragons”

Bowtie Blockbusters

Although cards are designed to increase Awareness and the associated BOWTIES are designed to improve Understanding, not all users/players are familiar with the principles and components of bowties and barrier management – so, we’ve created an interactive game, based on the familiar Blockbusters format. Up to 4 remote individuals or teams take it in turnsContinue reading “Bowtie Blockbusters”