A New Hope

We’ve been relying on Process Safety Management (PSM) frameworks for over 30 years: However, despite their widespread adoption (to underpin Design, Operations & Maintenance activities) plus better technology and bigger data, major accidents resulting from Loss of Containment of Hazardous Materials continue to occur. What’s going wrong ? These frameworks are often presented as eitherContinue reading “A New Hope”

Know Your Onions

We’ve been commissioned to develop a set of cards based on the Initiating Events (IE) and Independent Protection Layers (IPL) from the AIChE – American Institute of Chemical Engineers CCPS LOPA Book (Layer of Protection Analysis: Simplified Process Risk Assessment) which has been industry best practice for over 20 years. The following references have been operationalised &Continue reading “Know Your Onions”

Coolbox Talks

The Toolbox Talk (or Tailgate Talk) is a well-known and commonly used activity to inform and engage workers (Employees & Contractors) to keep them alert to work-related hazards. They typically have the following attributes to refresh knowledge & exchange information between veterans & novices: The best talks encourage participation, have group discussions and allow attendeesContinue reading “Coolbox Talks”

Constructive Conversations

The Construction industry is infamous for its high casualty numbers. It is recognised as a high hazard industry with a wide range of activities involving building, alteration/repair and demolition. Construction workers engage in many activities that may expose themselves to serious hazards with both acute (immediate) and chronic (long-term) effects. The International Labour Organization (ILO)Continue reading “Constructive Conversations”


We have now completed our 1st deck of Incidents Cards based on 52 famous (and less well known) Process Safety (Loss of Primary Containment) events researched, evaluated & summarised by Peter Marsh of XBP Refining. These have been peer reviewed by members of the IChemE Safety & Loss Prevention Special Interest Group. Their work isContinue reading “Incidentally”

Don’t Gamble with Safety

Inspired by playing cards created by ICI and Esso, we designed our decks to be informal as well as informative, fun as well as functional to provide Users (‘Players’) with a familiar format to learn through gamification e.g. to play ‘conventional’ card games with their teammates or co-workers. However, we recognise (and respect) that differentContinue reading “Don’t Gamble with Safety”

2022 Mary Kay O’Connor Safety & Risk Conference

We will be presenting “Process Safety Cards – Visualizing Knowledge & Operationalizing Wisdom” at the forthcoming Mary Kay O’Connor Safety & Risk Conference in College Station, TX . This event, in association with the IChemE and C-RISE, has the tag line “Health to Human is Safety to System: Making Safety Second Nature” and we aimContinue reading 2022 Mary Kay O’Connor Safety & Risk Conference


Simple Layer of Protection Exercise The CCPS book “Layer of Protection Analysis: Simplified Process Risk Assessment” has been the definitive reference for performing Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) since it was published in 2001. LOPA is a simplified form of risk assessment which typically uses order of magnitude categories for Initiating Event Frequency (IEF), ConsequenceContinue reading “SLOPE”

Lessons Remembered

The recent tragedy at Aqaba Port is a constant reminder that we need to be vigilant to the potential Loss of Containment events that may have long lasting effects on or in the community. Life continues to move on for all of us, however those directly and indirectly affected by this incident will never forget.Continue reading “Lessons Remembered”

Magnetic Attraction

To help embed and retain your key asset & activity integrity values, we’ve developed card size magnets that can be attached to a variety of metal surfaces. Magnets provide the same opportunity to Visualize Knowledge and Operationalize Wisdom as our cards, however these weather-resistant designs offer both fixed and portable ways to inform and remindContinue reading “Magnetic Attraction”