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Our cards are made in the UK by professional printers using high quality materials:

  • Dimensions: Poker size 63 x 88 mm (2½” x 3½”) with 3mm radius corners
  • Materials: 310 gsm smooth coated board

Alternative dimensions are available on request.

To minimise our carbon footprint, we are no longer shipping sample packs of cards. We can provide digital samples (A4 or US Letter size) for you to print on commercially available paper (e.g. HP Premium Plus Photo Paper is available at 300 gsm)

How much?

The price of physical cards depends on:

    • We don’t charge for branding e.g. your logo and/or messages on back of cards and front & back of box.
    • We don’t charge for different languages e.g. you could have both Spanish & English on the cards.
    • If you require specific images or text (terminology), there would be a design charge (according to scale/complexity of customisation).
    • If you require QR codes on the front of the cards, there would be a design charge for that (typically you provide the URL where your knowledge/information/intelligence is stored).
    • If you require specific Chemical Safety or SDS cards, there would be a proportionate design charge.
    • If you require specific Incidents cards, there would be a proportionate design charge.
    • Minimum order of 10 packs (of same type/language).
    • Cost per pack decreases with size of order.
    • Shipping costs plus any local/national duties/taxes.

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The cards are an initiative by Process Safety Integrity based on many years’ experience of various high-hazard processes.

The scenarios on the cards are based upon bowtie diagrams where the centre of the ‘knot’ is a Top Event where/when control of hazardous materials, energy or activities is lost. These are only presented from the Threat(s) to the Top Event i.e. the left-hand side of the diagram as the right-hand side (from the Top Event to Consequences) will be hazard & conditions specific.

Industry specific cards have been developed with the support of subject matter experts.

Scenarios have been developed from published research including, amongst others, the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the AIChE Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and have been peer-reviewed by experienced industry practitioners.

Their time & wisdom is very much appreciated.

Terms & Conditions

We‘ or ‘Us‘ are Process Safety Integrity Ltd as the developers of the Product.

You‘ or ‘User(s)‘ are parties who utilise or deploy the Product either directly or indirectly.

Product‘ is the physical or digital form of the Cards and associated bowtie Scenarios in either native or other format e.g. PDF

We take the integrity of our Intellectual Property extremely seriously to fully realise the potential of the significant technical & creative investment into the Product. You therefore agree to respect the copyright of all material on the Product by not reproducing it (in part or whole) in any physical or digital format or allowing/engaging others to reproduce it (in part or whole) without our permission.

We can provide digital samples of the Product in advance of order placement but do not offer any refunds once the order has been placed.


The scenarios are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all possible events and are published simply as coaching & engagement aids and not for formal training. They can however complement & supplement your current or future initiatives.

Potential Threats, Barriers, Degradation Factors & Vulnerabilities are indicative only and are not intended to be an exhaustive or application specific list.

Process Safety Integrity accepts no liability for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss or damage resulting from the use of these cards. Any reliance Users place on the information provided is entirely at their own risk.

Users are encouraged to seek professional Safety, Asset Integrity, Environmental Protection or other advice before deploying these tools.