Process Safety Fundamentals

Several companies and international organisations have developed Process Safety Fundamentals (PSFs) to visualise and summarise the key concepts associated with Process Safety. These can be operationalised into playing cards as shown below:


The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) have developed a set which is documented in their report 638 (click the image below to access this report).

Images © IOGP & Process Safety Integrity

For guidance on the individual elements, please click on the appropriate icon below:

Respect Hazards
Image © IOGP
Apply Procedures
Image © IOGP
Sustain Barriers
Image © IOGP
Stay Within Operating Limits
Image © IOGP
Maintain Safe Isolation
Image © IOGP
Walk The Line
Image © IOGP
Control Ignition Sources
Image © IOGP
Recognise Change
Image © IOGP
Stop if the Unexpected Occurs
Image © IOGP
Watch for Weak Signals
Image © IOGP

The following elements are considered as Potential additional PSFs:

Practice Emergency Response
Report Incidents & Near-Misses
Perform Thorough Handover

Other potential PSFs include (but are not limited to):

  • We attend to open drains and critical transfers.
  • We use at least two independent barriers for pressure containment and material process flow.
  • We control utility systems connected to a process.
  • We check the absence of an explosive atmosphere in the furnace before igniting the burners.
  • We stay out of the Line of Fire.
  • We avoid splash loading.
  • We remove non-essential workers from hazards.

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