EPSC Process Safety Fundamentals

The European Process Safety Centre (EPSC) have developed a set which is documented in their booklet (click the image below to access this report).

Images © EPSC, IOGP & Process Safety Integrity

For guidance on the individual elements, please click on the appropriate icon below:

Apply Double Isolation
Empty and De-Energize Before Line Breaking
Monitor an Open Drain
Manage Overrides of Critical Systems
Walk the Line
Verify Leak Tightness after Maintenance
Avoid Working Behind Single Valve
Verify the Condition of Flexible Hoses
Operate Within Safe Limits
Control Utility Systems Connected to Process
Report Safety Critical Equipment Deficiencies
Control Unplugging of Equipment
Stay Out of the Line of Fire
Control Loading & Unloading
Check Atmosphere Before Igniting Burners
Avoid Splash Loading
Avoid Run-Away Reactions
Report Process Safety Incidents

The following elements are considered as additional PSFs for specific applications e.g. Pharmaceutical processes:

Ventilate Hazardous Areas
Control Dusty Environments
Avoid Electrostatic Discharges

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