Operate Within Safe Limits

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Hazardous reactions and releases or equipment damage can be caused when safe operating limits are exceeded.

When Important

  • Deviations from normal operation.
  • Transient operations, batch process , start-up / shut-down.
  • At design changes.

Challenges in the Field

  • Limits not well known or identified.
  • MOC process not followed.
  • Pushing production.

Options to Get it Right

  • Establish safe operating limits for key process variables and for all operating phases, and make them visible for operators.
  • Validate that instruments are working well.
  • Understand the critical process parameters that can result in equipment damage and loss of containment due to deviations.
  • Install alarms and interlocks for critical process variables.
  • Define actions to bring the process variable back within the operation limit.
  • Report and discuss the cause when operating limits are exceeded.
  • Understand the chemical hazards at non-standard conditions and have a chemical compatibility matrix available.

This page only summarises the guidance – refer to the EPSC website for further information.

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