Report Deficiencies on Safety Critical Equipment

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Safety Critical Equipment provides a barrier to prevent or limit the effect of a major incident.

When Important

When Safety Critical Equipment is not working properly.

Challenges in the Field

  • A shutdown might be needed to repair the broken equipmen
  • Not aware of the criticality.
  • Unawareness of the failure – no testing.
  • Unreadable equipment, like a fouled sight glass.

Options to Get it Right

  • Determine which equipment is safety critical.
  • Ensure workers know what equipment is Safety Critical, and understand the potential hazard.
  • Safety Critical Equipment must have a testing protocol and frequency.
  • Report failures or deviations on safety critical systems (also from testing).
  • Decide what action is appropriate, if necessary stop the operation.
  • Implement interim mitigating measures that are approved, in case of continuing operation.
  • Repair or replace safety critical equipment with highest priority.
  • Analyse why equipment failed.
  • Keeping a log on critical equipment out of service.

This page only summarises the guidance – refer to the EPSC website for further information.

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