Stay Out of The Line of Fire

Image © EPSC


Exposure in case of unexpected release of energy or chemicals or unexpected movement of objects like a manhole, also vacuum can form a hazard.

When Important

When being in processing units that do not work at ambient pressure.

Challenges in the Field

  • Release points not designed well: e.g. PSV release points that end in a pathway
  • Manholes (or manway) that are stuck.
  • Heat releases from flare.

Options to Get it Right

  • Identify hazardous location around release points or below hoisted objects in the field, e.g. by lines or colours on the floor.
  • Understand release locations and remove yourself from the potential energy discharge path from release points like PSV’s, explosion panels and plugs under pressure.
  • Keep people out of the heat radiation zone around a flare.
  • Protect yourself (location of your body) when opening installations.
  • Add physical barriers to prevent people from accidentally entering the paths.
  • Verify that PSV’s are designed to always vent to a safe location.
  • At flange opening, first untighten the bolts that are far away from you.

This page only summarises the guidance – refer to the EPSC website for further information.

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