IOGP Process Safety Fundamentals

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) have developed a set which is documented in their report 638 (click the image below to access this report).

Images © IOGP & Process Safety Integrity

For guidance on the individual elements, please click on the appropriate icon below:

Respect Hazards
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Apply Procedures
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Sustain Barriers
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Stay Within Operating Limits
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Maintain Safe Isolation
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Walk The Line
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Control Ignition Sources
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Recognise Change
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Stop if the Unexpected Occurs
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Watch for Weak Signals
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The following elements are considered as Potential additional PSFs:

Practice Emergency Response
Report Incidents & Near-Misses
Perform Thorough Handover

Other potential PSFs include (but are not limited to):

  • We attend to open drains and critical transfers.
  • We use at least two independent barriers for pressure containment and material process flow.
  • We control utility systems connected to a process.
  • We check the absence of an explosive atmosphere in the furnace before igniting the burners.
  • We stay out of the Line of Fire.
  • We avoid splash loading.
  • We remove non-essential workers from hazards.

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