Apply Procedures

Image © IOGP

This is an extract of the supporting information & guidance cards from the IOGP Process Safety Fundamentals documented in their Report 638.

  • We use operating and maintenance procedures, even if we are familiar with the task.
  • We discuss the key steps within a critical procedure before starting it.
  • We pause before key steps and check readiness to progress.
  • We stop, inform supervision and avoid workarounds if procedures are missing, unclear, unsafe, or cannot be followed.
  • We take time to become familiar with, and practice, emergency procedures.

Tips for Managers:

  • Verify that procedures are up-to-date, effective, and easy to use.
  • Follow up if concerns about a procedure are raised.
  • Ensure that personnel have time to become familiar with the plant, its equipment, and its procedures.
  • Discuss Emergency Response procedures with front-line staff during site visits.

This page only summarises the guidance – refer to the IOGP report and/or IOGP website for further information.

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