Process Safety Management

Alternatively named ‘STEWARDSHIP‘ to reinforce the principle that this is not the sole responsibility of senior roles (i.e. ‘Managers‘) to create and sustain safe assets & activities. Everyone who contributes to and/or may be affected by process safety & process integrity has a part to play.

Unlike LoC or Ignition cards, these are not based around Events. The 13 ‘Stewardship’ or PSM elements are assigned to the 13 playing cards in each of the 4 suits starting from the 2 up to 10 then J, K, Q and Ace.

Cards can be used at all levels from the Boardroom to the Control Room e.g. ‘players’ are dealt a card from the deck and have to briefly summarise their understanding of and contribution to the element on the card.

Playing cards illustrate and summarise the elements of Process Safety Management (PSM) systems including OSHAProcess Safety Management“, CCPSRisk Based Process Safety” framework and the Energy InstituteHigh Level Framework for Process Safety Management

Energy Institute

Supporting guidance makes due reference to key Leading & Lagging Process Safety Performance Indicators (PSPI) from industry sources including:

  • IOGP 456 “Process safety – recommended practice on key performance indicators
  • API 754Process Safety Performance Indicators For The Refining And Petrochemical Industries
  • HSG 254 “Developing process safety indicators: A step-by-step guide for chemical and major hazard industries
  • IChemE Safety Centre ISCLead Process Safety Metrics – selecting, tracking and learning“:
IChemE Safety Centre

This deck can be summarised as a framework which is “All for one and one for all” i.e. inclusive and informative with a simple core of:

  • How Dangerous is it ?
    • Determine the Hazards, Events & Risks
  • Make it Safe !
    • Fit for purpose
      • Implement appropriate protection measures (designed to be big enough, fast enough, and strong enough)
  • Keep it Safe !
    • Fit for Duty
      • Ensure operations activity does not disable the protection
      • Ensure permanent modifications do not delete the protection
      • Ensure temporary modifications do not defeat the protection
    • Fit for Service
      • Ensure maintenance inactivity does not allow the protection to degrade.
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For more information on each card/element, please click on the icons below:

Leadership, Culture & Communication
Continuous Improvement
Information Management
Capability Management
Process Hazard Analysis
Process & Plant Design
Operational Integrity
Asset & Protection Integrity
3rd Party Management
Emergency Planning & Response
Control of Work
Event Investigation
Management of Change

Try our Process Safety Management survey based on the 20 elements of the CCPS Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) :

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