Don’t Gamble with Safety

Inspired by playing cards created by ICI and Esso, we designed our decks to be informal as well as informative, fun as well as functional to provide Users (‘Players’) with a familiar format to learn through gamification e.g. to play ‘conventional’ card games with their teammates or co-workers.

However, we recognise (and respect) that different Cultures, Countries & Companies have specific restrictions or prohibitions on gambling & gambling materials.

To increase & sustain the awareness of frontline personnel to potentially hazardous events within these organisations, we’ve removed all gaming references but retained the same iconography to provide a clear consistent visual language that can be utilised on cards, magnets or digital platforms.

For example (as shown below) cards can be produced (in different languages) to challenge Users to consider (identify) Threats (Causes) and Barriers (Controls) associated with each hazardous event. This provides a useful introduction to Bowties and enhanced scenario understanding.

For more information on all our cards & initiatives – please contact us. All materials (physical cards/boxes and digital cards/platforms) can be customised to match your technical & local languages – please visit our Options page for more details.

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