Incidents Cards

Cards can be used to remind or inform personnel of related excursions, incidents or accidents with relative ranking of key information as well as QR code links to relevant material. These could be company or industry events that help facilitate discussions on the effects of loss of control.

Incidents can be developed for different industries, assets or activities – the current prototype is focussed on Process Safety (Loss of Containment of Hazardous Materials).

Maps of major industry incidents are being developed – click the icons below for more details:


A sample card is shown below:

This includes a visual reminder (image) of the incident as well as the following elements:

Location e.g. UK


QR Code to information source
Industry e.g. Offshore
Hazard e.g. Flammable

Contributory Factors

Proximate (immediate) and/or Root Causes are indicated by appropriate icons, for example from the Process Safety Management (PSM) deck:

Cards have a ‘Top Trump‘ layout similar to the SDS cards and can be used (played) in a variety of ways e.g. discuss if/how this incident relates to our operations or simply who holds the most ‘severe’ card is either the winner or loser – the prize or forfeit to be decided by the team.


Casualties represent the recorded number of Fatal & Non-Fatal Injuries. The Environmental impact on adjacent water, ground or wildlife is scored as follows:

4 = Major Permanent impact e.g. area abandoned
3 = Minor Permanent impact e.g. site abandoned
2 = Major Temporary impact e.g. extensive clean-up & area restored
1 = Minor Temporary impact e.g. significant clean-up & site restored
0 = No Significant impact

These categories are subjective and consider the effects of the emergency response e.g. contaminated firewater. An alternative approach under consideration is the ARIA ‘European Scale of Industrial Accidents’ available here:

ARIA European Scale of Industrial Accidents


Material scores are simply the sum of the NFPA scores ranked on the SDS Safety Impact table.

NFPA 704 Diamond

For clarity, the Special Hazard codes are blank if not applicable and simplified as follows:

A = Asphyxiant
B = Biological
O = Oxidant
R = Radioactive
W = Reacts violently with Water


Cards can be used in a variety of ways e.g. blank cards with only the name of the incident and/or an image could form the basis of a quiz to gauge participants knowledge of industry or company incidents – for example identify the scores, dates etc or rank them in order.

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Emergency Response

Lessons learned from incidents should be used to inform the planning & rehearsal of emergency response activities.

For information on our Emergency Response cards, please click the icon below:

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Incident Infographics

Incident Infographics provide a single, simple view of major accidents.

For more information, please click the icon below:

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