We offer a variety of technical & format options for our decks of cards – this is vital to ensure your initiatives, missions or messages are communicated as efficiently and retained as effectively as possible.

Your Language

Cards can be produced in a varietry of international & local languages and dialects e.g. UK English vs US English. For example, cards can be dual or single language:

Spanish (ES) – English (EN)
Spanish (ES) – Spanish (ES)

Character languages can also be used, for example:

Arabic (AR) – English (EN)
Chinese (ZH) – English (EN)

If your company and/or culture prohibits gambling – cards can be produced without the ‘pips’ i.e

… and/or numbers are not included, for example:

Cards – No Pips
Cards – No Pips or Numbers

Different languages can be applied to Incidents cards:

Bhopal – English
Bhopal – Hindi

And also to Chemical Safety (SDS cards):

MIC – English
MIC – Hindi

Your Terminology & Images

Terminology (technical or informal) in comon use in your industry can be used to make the cards more familiar.

Portrait format
Landscape format

We can also use your own images or develop these for you to align with your principles.

Most cards are based on a standard 52 card (poker) deck and therefore the collection works best as:

  • 1 set of 52 separate cards (ideally split into 4 related suits/sets)
  • 2 x 2 suits/sets of 26 separate cards
  • 4 suits/sets of 13 separate cards

The deck can be assembled in various ways:

Your Materials

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS or now simply SDS) for the chemicals that you use, produce or store can be summarised on playing cards.

Chemical Safety Card

We can customise cards (front & back) to suit your chemical inventory.

Your Identity

The back of the cards can be customised to include your logo and/or messages:

Courtesy of ADM
Courtesy of Synthomer

Card boxes can also be branded:

Your Knowledge

QR codes on the front or back of the cards can direct players to relevant internal or external resources.

Card with QR codes

We can provide support to setup your information sources e.g. SharePoint where each QR code URL directs the user/player to.

Your Style

Card designs can be as detailed or simple are you require – for example classic style vs modern style:

Specific fonts can also be used to align with your corporate style.

Your Scenarios

Generic bowties are available for typical events which can be branded like the cards & boxes.


We can also develop scenario-specific bowties and risk rankings to suit your assets & activities. Relevant incidents (company or industry) can also be summarised in card format:

Buncefield example

Your Platform

We can provide digital cards that can be used in your media, communications etc.

Online Tables

We can also provide assistance in setting up online tables, quizzes & surveys on internal and external platforms such as Microsoft and commercial collaboration tools e.g. Mural.

For more information on technical & commercial options, please contact us.