Bowtie Blockbusters

Although cards are designed to increase Awareness and the associated BOWTIES are designed to improve Understanding, not all users/players are familiar with the principles and components of bowties and barrier management – so, we’ve created an interactive game, based on the familiar Blockbusters format.

Up to 4 remote individuals or teams take it in turns to draw a random card from the pack, and then use it to create a chain of events from Threats (Causes) to Consequences (Effects) across the board/table.

Via Prevention & Mitigation Barriers before & after (respectively) the Top Event where/when control of the Hazard is lost:

In order for the card to be used, the player must give an example of the Threat, Barrier or Consequence card they have drawn. If the player can’t give an example (which must be unique) or the card has already been used on the Threat or Consequence line, then they must put the card on the unused pile. It is prudent to have an independent Facilitator (Umpire) to determine the suitability of the example proposed for each card.

Play continues alternately until one player/team has created a chain. Unused cards can be returned to the deck once all cards have been drawn.

For a more advanced game, Degradation Factor cards (which reduce the effectiveness of barriers) can be used to break the opponents chain. These typically represent vulnerabilities in People, Process (or Procedures) and Plant (or Equipment):

These can be removed if a Degradation Control card (which sustains barrier presence and performance) is drawn. These typically represent your Management Systems:

This Process Safety (Loss of Containment) example uses the familiar barrier types from the CCPS bowtie book and is built on a commercial game design platform:

If you’d like to try this out, please click here to visit our demo table.

Alternatively, interactive whiteboard software can also be used, and the tables & cards can be customised (branded) to match your requirements.

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Amplify The Message

We are extremely pleased to continue our relationship with Amplify Process Safety who give us, and other industry professionals, a platform to communicate to a wider audience.

Podcasts are designed to build ongoing relationships with your community and offer the following benefits:

  • Podcasts make information personal.
  • Podcasts are convenient.
  • Podcasts are cost effective.
  • Podcasts are time efficient.
  • Podcasts are portable.

We believe all these attributes apply to our cards which offer the advantages of Gamification (driving human engagement) with the convenience & power of Microlearning (reducing cognitive overload).

Our podcast is available below or via this link

Episode 61 – Combustible Dust Management Systems Amplify Your Process Safety

In this episode, Rob and Molly compare the requirements of combustible dust management systems with the requirements of the PSM standard. They walk through each similar element and then point out the three largest differences between the PSM standard and the NFPA combustible dust standard. Whether your facility is already PSM-covered, or isn't, you'll want to catch this episode if you handle combustible dusts. We also recommend that you check out Episode 16 – Combustible Dusts & DHAs and Episode 51 – Combustible Dust Testing with Guest Michelle Murphy too to learn more.  — Send in a voice message:
  1. Episode 61 – Combustible Dust Management Systems
  2. Episode 60 – How Organizational Structure Impacts Process Safety with Guest Gilsa Monteiro
  3. Process Safety Incident Alert: Fatal Sugar Refinery Explosion in India
  4. Episode 59 – Incident Breakdown: 2017 Pressure Vessel Explosion at Loy-Lange Box Company
  5. Episode 58 – Top 10 Talk: Amplify Your P&IDs

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To Err Is Human

For our 1st post, we are extremely honoured to have been granted permission by the family of the late, great Trevor Kletz to publish extracts from his Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) book “An Engineer’s View of Human Error”.

This is a perfect example of how our familiar, accessible & adaptable cards VISUALIZE KNOWLEDGE & OPERATIONALIZE WISDOM – in this case from the undisputed “Godfather of Process Safety” and “Founding Father of Inherent Safety”. In this book, Professor Kletz uses a variety of cartoons (previously appearing on a page-per-month ICI calendar) to convey key human error messages via “The Adventures of Joe Soap and John Doe”.

JOE SOAP makes frequent mistakes – he takes the wrong action as he has not been told what is the right action.

JOHN DOE makes the little slips we all make from time to time – we could tell him to be more careful, or we could make simple changes to plant design or methods of operation, to remove opportunities for error.

The theme of the book is …

Try to change situations, not people

… and reflects one of his most famous quotes:

People were saying that most accidents were due to human error … it’s a bit like saying that falls are due to gravity

Trevor frequently used cartoons in his books to help embed his messages – however, using another of his famous quotes …

There’s a saying that Organisations have no memory: only People have memory

People’s memories are fluid and, despite the wealth of experience & insight in his (and other) books, it’s an ongoing challenge to retain and respect these values when immersed in an environment of stress & distractions.

Our cards are designed to be memorable, to preserve this INTELLIGENCE in the Hearts and Minds of all Stakeholders, so it can be applied in times of need.

We firmly believe, again from a perhaps lesser-known quote from Trevor, that …

Accidents are not caused by a lack of knowledge, but by a failure to use the knowledge that is available

Click the book image below for more information and/or contact us to discuss how to collate YOUR knowledge & communicate YOUR wisdom.

Like all other cards, bowties & digital platforms; these can be translated into a variety of international languages.

Please visit our Options page to discover what customisation is available to make these even more familiar to your stakeholders.

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