Lessons Remembered

The recent tragedy at Aqaba Port is a constant reminder that we need to be vigilant to the potential Loss of Containment events that may have long lasting effects on or in the community. Life continues to move on for all of us, however those directly and indirectly affected by this incident will never forget.

Industries have a long established culture of sharing Lessons Learned, however that learning may be static, stale or transient whereas what we really need is not just Learning, but Remembering (at or before the point/time of use/need) followed by appropriate Corrective & Preventive Action.


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) cards highlight the hazards associated with the assets & activities.

Chemical Safety Card (AR)
Chemical Safety Card (EN)


Loss of Containment (LoC) cards highlight how the integrity of equipment & transfer systems can be compromised or breached.

Process Safety (Containment Integrity) Card

Cards can be enhanced with QR Codes which direct the User/Player to more detailed information:

Click QR Code for sample information on Dropped Objects


Scenarios (in Bowtie format) visualise how Loss of Containment or Control can be prevented with an emphasis of Degradation Factors to highlight how barriers can be compromised:

Dropped Object Bowtie

The Consequences (Effects) fo the Loss of Control/Containment will depend on the materials handled (hazards & inventory) and the conditions (pressure & temperature) under which they are processed or stored. The right hand side of the bowtie is therefore asset/activity specific.


Incidents Cards summarise WHAT, WHEN, WHERE & WHO to provide accessible, portable & memorable tools to inform Novices and remind Veterans that they must be vigilant, not complacent – it can and might just happen to you and/or your colleagues:

Incident Card (AR)
Incident Card (EN)

QR codes on the cards direct the User/Player to more detailed information on the incident e.g. WHY:

Click QR Code for sample information on Aqaba Port

For more information on all our cards & initiatives – please contact us. All materials (physical cards/boxes and digital cards/platforms) can be customised to match your technical & local languages – please visit our Options page for more details.

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