Safety Moment Cards

Start meetings by dealing everyone a card, then one-by-one (or randomly) go round the table …

“Discuss your role/responsibility related to this card”

Hazard Validation

During hazard studies e.g. HAZOP, deal out the cards and as each challenge e.g. Deviation is discussed, attendees (“players”) put that card into a pile on the table (physical or digital).

At the end of the study, the cards that are left are either:

  • Not applicable – suggest these are recorded as such,
  • Not evaluated – further discussion required, or
  • Overlooked – participants need to pay attention !

Incident Awareness

Relate cards to Company or Industry incidents to provide context why the topic is relevant to avoid the same/similar event happening here.

Click for Incidents Cards

Our Incidents cards summarise significant major accidents and can support discussions about:

  • What happened that’s relevant to our operations?
  • What have we (assumed to be) in place to protect against this thpe of event?
  • Why do we believe it won’t happen to us?


Campaigns e.g. 1 card per week for 52 weeks could be based around each event type which could appear on site or company physical (e.g. posters at prominent locations e.g. control/meeting rooms or site entrances) & digital (e.g. intranet, newsletters, emails etc) media.

Using each type as a seed or catalyst for discussion, site/company specific concerns and experience where available can be used to contextualise the process and protection.

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