A New Hope

We’ve been relying on Process Safety Management (PSM) frameworks for over 30 years: However, despite their widespread adoption (to underpin Design, Operations & Maintenance activities) plus better technology and bigger data, major accidents resulting from Loss of Containment of Hazardous Materials continue to occur. What’s going wrong ? These frameworks are often presented as eitherContinue reading “A New Hope”

Lessons Remembered

The recent tragedy at Aqaba Port is a constant reminder that we need to be vigilant to the potential Loss of Containment events that may have long lasting effects on or in the community. Life continues to move on for all of us, however those directly and indirectly affected by this incident will never forget.Continue reading “Lessons Remembered”

Hazards 32

We’ve signed a sponsorship agreement with the IChemE to provide our Process Safety Cards at the forthcoming Hazards 32 Process Safety Conference This will take place in the historic & beautiful spa town of Harrogate from 18-20 Oct 2022 and marks the return of this international event to a face-to-face format. Each attendee will receiveContinue reading “Hazards 32”

Amplify The Message

We are extremely pleased to continue our relationship with Amplify Process Safety who give us, and other industry professionals, a platform to communicate to a wider audience. Podcasts are designed to build ongoing relationships with your community and offer the following benefits: Podcasts make information personal. Podcasts are convenient. Podcasts are cost effective. Podcasts areContinue reading “Amplify The Message”

To Err Is Human

For our 1st post, we are extremely honoured to have been granted permission by the family of the late, great Trevor Kletz to publish extracts from his Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) book “An Engineer’s View of Human Error”. This is a perfect example of how our familiar, accessible & adaptable cards VISUALIZE KNOWLEDGE &Continue reading “To Err Is Human”