Driver Competency

Image © IOGP

This is part of the Driver-Related Practices from the IOGP Land Transportation Safety Recommended Practice documented in their Report 365. This page only summarises the guidance – refer to the IOGP report and/or IOGP website for further information.

Only operate a vehicle if appropriately licensed, trained, and qualified to do so safely.

  • Driver skills, knowledge, and behaviours have a significant impact on driving safety.
  • Drivers are appropriately licensed, trained, and qualified to operate the vehicle safely.


  • Have in their possession a valid driving/operator’s licence (issued by a relevant public authority) for the class of vehicle being operated, and, where applicable, the cargo.
  • Have completed a form of driving training relevant to their driving activity. Additional training for high-risk environments and for specialised vehicles should also be undertaken.
  • Have completed an (on-the-road) defensive driving training when meeting the definition of a “regular driver” (including professional driver).

Supervisors, Managers, Leaders:

  • Ensure pre-hire driver screening and assessment is executed to verify driver competency for the type of vehicle.
  • Ensure defensive driving training is meeting the criteria set out in IOGP Report 365 Section B.2.
  • Ensure all drivers have received (initial) defensive driving training before operating the vehicle and that re-training is provided at defined intervals based on drivers’ performance and risk exposure.

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