Journey Management

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This is part of the Journey-Related Practices from the IOGP Land Transportation Safety Recommended Practice documented in their Report 365. This page only summarises the guidance – refer to the IOGP report and/or IOGP website for further information.

Follow a prescribed journey management plan.

  • Journey management will help you to travel and arrive safely.
  • Drivers follow the agreed journey plan.
  • Apply the IOGP Life-Saving Rule for Driving: “I follow journey management requirements”.


  • Confirm if a journey management plan is required before staring a journey.
  • Discuss (and confirm agreement of) the journey management plan with the authorised person before starting the journey.
  • Understand the journey management plan before starting the journey.
  • Comply with the duty, driving, and rest hours [risk mitigation controls] as specified in the journey management plan.
  • Follow the route specified in the journey management plan.
  • Tell the authorised person immediately if changes occur.
  • Plan their route in advance. This includes knowing the directions, likely traffic density, weather conditions, etc.

Supervisors routinely:

  • Check the journey management plan is in place and is being followed.
  • Check the driver understands and complies with the journey management plan.

Supervisors, Managers, Leaders:

  • Routinely question the need for journeys, always searching to eliminate the journey or find an alternate means of achieving the journey objective.

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