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This is part of the Driver-Related Practices from the IOGP Land Transportation Safety Recommended Practice documented in their Report 365. This page only summarises the guidance – refer to the IOGP report and/or IOGP website for further information.

Do not exceed the speed limit and reduce speed for road conditions.

  • Speeding increases the risk of losing control of your vehicle.
  • Drivers obey the speed limit and not operate the vehicle in excess of a safe speed for the prevailing road and/or operating conditions.
  • Apply the IOGP Life-Saving Rule for Driving: “I do not exceed the speed limit, and reduce my speed for road conditions”.


  • Stay at or below the maximum allowable speed for the vehicle and the road they are driving on as indicated by road signs or journey management instructions.
  • Adjust their speed to the prevailing conditions.


  • Intervene if a driver is exceeding the maximum allowable speed or is driving unsafely for the prevailing conditions.

Supervisors, Managers, Leaders:

  • Ensure all drivers are aware of the policies and rules regarding speed.
  • Check that drivers are operating within permitted speed limits through the use of IVMS.
  • Consider the use of speed limiting devices where deemed appropriate based on risk assessment.
  • Define stricter speed limit(s) in situations where a risk assessment has identified that the posted speed limit is considered to be too high for the vehicle of operation, or for specific environment conditions (e.g., state of the roads, climatic conditions, traffic or population density etc.).

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