Toolbox Talk Cards

Brief safety talks or chats which launch a meeting or shift could either start with a quick card game and/or either use the card from the campaign or a randomly drawn card from the deck.

“What’s your awareness/experience of the card you’ve been dealt”

Alternatively use an ad-hoc or “pop” quiz to quickly test the knowledge of the team by using cards without titles.

“Name the event on the card”

Hazard Reminder

Attach relevant cards to Permit to Work.

Sample PTW with LoC Cards attached

Hazard Spotting & Surveys (Audits)

Cards can be used to label vulnerable locations during site walk round e,g, punch holes in the cards and use cable ties to attach them to specific equipment or structures.

Click for Magnetic Attraction

Magnetic cards can be used in a similar way by attaching them to critical equipment.

The summaries could be used as a visual checklist to confirm the presence (and where practical the performance) of the barrier types for each applicable scenario.

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